City Montessori School, Lucknow, India.

28 Feb 2021


In a country like India where most of the Private schools in big cities were run as business, City Montessori School stands out. Why so? Read further.


The school holds the Guinness Book of Records world's largest school with 19 campuses and more than 56,000 students. It's been run successfully for 62 years since 1959. Even with the large number of students, they have a high reputation of academic standard. In 2002, they were awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi , the founders of the school managed the school since 1959 and were running it successfully since then. They are so humble and live a modest life and they share their assets on their website.

The school is affiliated to the Delhi-based Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). They have K-12 day school running in 19 campuses across the city of Lucknow. 64 students from the school visited New York in 2018 and attended the International yoga day celeberations.

Motto - Jai Jagat - Hail the world

When the founders started the school humbly in a 3 bed room house in 1959. Bought their furniture from old furniture market.

  • started with 5 students, 2 teachers and borrowed 300 rupees
  • Now grown to 57000 students, 3000 teachers and staff
  • four of their campuses are ranked in the Top 10 schools of India
  • they were awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2002

The school pays their teachers above the market rate and they also publish the pay scale in their website. Superior principal is paid around rupees 3,45,000 equivalent to $4500 per month.

The school provides pension to the teachers and insurance to the teachers, staff and their children. Also their children get tution free schooling for their children, which makes it attractive to become the teachers of the school.

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