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eLAPIZ Inc. is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to augment the teaching and learning experience around the globe with high-quality,
secure, and innovative User Experience!

How we are different

Technology driven products to enable global access to students and teachers to alleviate the pain points in EdTech domain.

Crafted to custom fit

Custom designed for your school at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the product delivered to best schools around the globe. We have solutions for schools in remotest part of the globe which has reasonable mobile service.

High-quality Design

Our applications are designed and delivered to the student and teaching community to reduce 90% of their pain points. We ensure teachers and students spend less time on the applications and more time on curriculum.

Mobile device focused

Teachers are on their feet most of the time and students in some countries don't even have computers. We understand that. That's why, most of the tasks of teachers and students can be accomplished from mobile devices.

Localized Delivery

We don't compremise on performance while delevering our SaaS applications to our customers. We use the cloud technology advantages like Global Accelerators and edge points nearer to our customer location.

Fully Customized

Unlike other products, our customers don't have to struggle to onboard. We provide pre-configured application ready to use depending on the school. This makes the shortest onboarding time.

Highly Engaging

The tools we design are highly engaging which will help them improve their performance. The attendance module motivates to increase the attendance and library module encourage them to improve their reading habits.

We are ready to help

Watch this 3 minute video and give us a call or send us a message. We will get back to you and discuss how we can make life better.
1-800-234-5678 || sales@elapiz.io


Crafted for schools of any size.

The main ‘thrust’ is to empower students and teachers focus on curriculum instead of struggling with the software they use.

Innovative UX

Customized pricing

Subscription based

Regular updates

Local Delivery

Biometric Technology

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CI / CD Approach

We follow modern software development practice of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, while making improvements in software or bringing new features in our products.

Premier support

Our customers' concerns are addressed to ensure that the resolutions are delivered quickly for the least interruption while using our products.

Regular updates

With the use of cutting-edge technologies, we apply the bug-fixes immediately to all our products around the globe with CI CD approach.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Our products are best priced which will ensure that the customers are happy with the value they get for their money. If you have a need for your classroom libarary or have a custom requirement or
more than 3000 students, send us an to sales@elapiz.io
or get in touch with us.

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